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It happened again in Colombia...another motorcycle rental


Well, it happened again.

Another motorcycle rental customer in Colombia spent 5 days riding around all alone, and had sentiments like this to share:

" I was close to backing out at the last minute after reading somewhere that Colombia was still a dangerous country but I am glad I did not believe the mass media propaganda. Eric assured me that while there is no guarantee in anything but that I would be fine as long as I had a good head on my shoulder. Boy, I am glad I went.  ---   No issues with security. In fact, USA is more dangerous than Colombia. At no time did anyone hassle me, try to take advantage of me, etc. No sign of drug dealers or FARC rebels either."  (As listed in our Customer Testimonials, written by Marc Buehler from Ohio.)

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE:  It's safe to rent a motorcycle in Colombia, and we're doing it all the time!!!

This stands true for all the countries we represent travel opportunities in.  RIDE Adventures, LLC has become a reliable source for travelers seeking motorcycle rentals, and as such, there's no way we would encourage travel in destinations that our customers are having safety or security issues in. 

In fact, a few fortunate riders can take advantage of a $300 discount we're offering for last-minute registration on the Discover Colombia Motorcycle Tour.  Just a few spots on each trip are available for July 2nd and July 15th, so there are three hundred more reasons for you to finally go and DISCOVER COLOMBIA!

SIGN UP For the Discover Colombia Guided Motorcycle Tour......YES IT'S SAFE!!!

(Picture below from one of the recent Colombian Dirt Dual Sport trips on the Kawasaki KLX 450's.  Please note, this a far more rigorous tour than Discover Colombia.  There's a type of tour for every rider here!)

motorcycle rentals


I cannot agree more with Marc. From this side of the world (I am living in Malaysia), most people would come to their mind drugs, guns, kidnap when Colombia is mentioned. I find it the reverse; friendly people, good coffee and scenic view. I stayed and rode certain parts of Colombia about a month and would want to return and explore more. No regret of visiting but only if can stay longer.
Posted @ Monday, June 25, 2012 6:23 PM by amzah
Amzah, thanks for chiming in.  
There was undoubtedly a time in history that Colombia WAS a very dangerous place to be. When Pablo Escobar was in charge, the Colombian people and their police had plenty of reason to live in fear. Few people even thought of traveling there. 
For whatever reason, much of the world took that to mean that the remainder of South America was similarly dangerous. Unjustified for the most part, I admit I once drew that conclusion myself.  
Times are changing though, and one by one, more and more people are discovering the incredible travel experiences that await us in places like Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. Especially for motorcycle riders...each country has what some will consider to be motorcycle paradise!
Posted @ Tuesday, June 26, 2012 4:38 PM by Eric Lange
No, no! Don't write this! Let's keep it a secret! 
Colombia was the best experience on our 8 month journey from Alaska to Argentina and the first country I would go back to.
Posted @ Tuesday, July 10, 2012 2:36 PM by Henriette Thiim
Henriette, you're so right! 
It's a tough thing, working in this business: We want to keep places like Colombia, Patagonia, and Bolivia all secrets...but at the same time, the thought is always "MORE PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THESE PLACES!" 
We always encourage riders to "take only photographs, and leave only tire tracks," which helps these beautiful countries retain their charm. Glad to hear you enjoyed Colombia as others are....
Posted @ Sunday, July 15, 2012 10:11 PM by Eric
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